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Word Shots podcast episode 3 published.

Garner's Modern American Usage cover.Yes, it's a word, but is it one you should use?

Episode 3 of Word Shots discusses how an unabridged dictionary and a thesaurus might have gotten two non-native English speakers into a bit of trouble.

Episode 2 of Word Shots: Who gets to decide what's a word?

Dictionaries aren't the answer.

In Episode 2 of Word Shots, Max discusses who has the authority to call something a word.

Want to be a maximum-strength writer? Speaker? This podcast is for you.

Word Shots logo: Winged head

From Bright Hat's president, Max Christian Hansen:

Every week I meet someone who wants to be a more effective writer or speaker. For those people, I've started packing my 20+ years of experience as a professional communicator into a podcast. 

Six episodes of Word Shots have been recorded and edited, and these will be published at two-day intervals until episode six comes on out March 8. After that, Word Shots will be published weekly, on Tuesday mornings.

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